Stories from banana workers

5 05 2008

These are real.  They are taken from accounts and interviews with banana workers in Central America.  I hope they can help to put this issue in a more personal light.

“My name is Concepcion.  I am now 65 years old.  I began working on the banana fincas at the age of 16, in 1950.  In 1967 I came here to the area around Guapiles and I worked at a number of farms; Santa Clara, San Rafael (where I was for 13 years), and Finca Jardin.  In 1986 I stopped working on the banana plantations, although I always tried to keep myself informed on how things were going in the banana plantations.  It’s because being a banana worker becomes ingrained and I was involved in the struggle almost all of my life.”

“The work was very hard.  There were some very big bunches, ones that you had up to 17 banana hands and weighed up to 150 pounds.  One was quite mistreated.  It’s not to give myself credit, but at this time it wasn’t just any man who was a bananero.”